About Geek And Proud

About Geek And Proud

Geek And Proud, GAP for short, is a society that elevates the Geek's status. I had enough of people ignoring the culture surrounding geeks. Geeks are wonderful people, its just that the activities they engage in are classed as socially unacceptable.

Most Geeks will enjoy (or prefer) things that the rest of society thinks of as weird or intensly dull. They are classified as the socially challenged (which in many cases is true) and dismissed as lost causes.

This movement will bring us together and show that geeks have credibility, flare, and confidence. Geeks will show that we are no more worthless than the rest of the pitiful inhabitants of this little planet.

About Me

Born and raised on the mean middle-class suburban streets of Manchester, John was destined to be a Geek from a very early age. It wasn't until high school when he got his first taste of programming on a BBC Archimedes.

In 1999 he got his fist PC. It had DOOM on it. It was at that point he switched off the track to nerdville and started, unknowingly, out on the road to Geekdom.

At college John did a silly thing. He fell for a girl. Badly. It was her who first called him a Geek. After a brief period of moping John realised his calling among the upper elchons of Geekness.

A new era dawned.

Games, computers, internet, moping after girls. John stoutly defends the realms of Geekness by sheer luck. He is the Last of the Geeks.

About JBI

The concept of John Burgess International was a supposed to be a showcase of my various skills. A portfolio if you would. There was a small problem with doing that. It made Geek And Proud virtually contentless. Its a sad day when you have to write-off an idea that you had been cultivating for over 10 years.

JBI as a website actually pre-dated Geek And Proud by nearly 2 years. It was chucked around various free webhosts; Geocities, Web1000 and Bravenet, before settling down at its subdomain on the Geek And Proud servers.

"But what of the bubbles!" I hear you cry. The bubbles were invented during a tea-fueled websiting session on my friend's Mac 6100. At the time Gateway were big in the UK and we thought they were cool because their logo was a cow pattern. So our rationalé was if Gateway can get away with having totally irrelevant cow patterns JBI could certainly get away with having..... bubbles for example. Hence the bubble logo was born.

Their future is not as bleak as you may think. They will probably get an airing every-so-often and maybe even a t-shirt. Hell, they even survived a redesign! Rest assured, you haven't seen the last of them.