Random Musings

The Moving of France came primarily from me and Tom talking politics and shouting loudly. Some of the notes don't make sense because we were drunk.

  Global Plan
Welding Wales to the USA
  • France to be used as base for "Lift To The Moon"
  • Cut Wales free from England and weld to the USA
  • Tow France to middle of Atlantic Ocean using Intergalactic Rope and Sun pulley system
Intergalactic Rope & Sun Pulley: National Logistics  
Schematic of the Sun pulley system
  • One end anchored to France, the other end to Pluto
  • Sun used as pulley
  • Pluto moved by space tug
  • System takes weight of France, allowing it to be moved using big boats pulling it
  • IG Rope ~ 15miles + 0 using carbon nanotubes?
  • Monaco to be used with IG rope and pulley as a "wreaking ball"
  • London and SE England to be cut free of England and welded to NE France and paved over as carpark for spacelift
  • Netherlands and Belgium to be cut free from Europe and welded into space left by SE England as they are better.
  • Spain welded to nearest countries, Switzerland gets a coastline.
New Map of the World
  • Geneva Human Rights conventions to be amended:
    • No longer applies to applies to residents of the "western bloc" (also USA and Wales)
    • All history from carpark region of France is forgotten
  • Wales to be welded into Gulf of Mexico

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