Digital photography is a large part of my life. I enjoy the ability of being able to take as many pictures as you like until you get one you like. I also like the instant results, it makes sharing images a lot easier. Some might say this takes the skill out of photography I, however, disagree. You are more likely to attempt adventurous shots if you aren't counting frames.

Here I have some of my better images for you to look through. Until I can write my own gallery software I am using Google's Picasa to host my images. The galleries will open in a new window.

Autosport International 2007
Photo's from the Autosport International show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Welcoming Party
The party we had to welcome everyone to our new house. An extremely heavy night.

Amsterdam 2006
Photos from my holiday to Amsterdam in 2006 with the lads.

Autosport International 2008
Photo's from the Autosport International 2008 show.

Greece 2007
The photo's from my holiday to Thessaloniki in northern Greece.