Web Design

I design all my own sites without using templates. My design philosophy is clean, clear and simple, both in terms of user navigation and server side layout.

Simple, clean, clear website makes the end user or customer feel more at home and makes them think they are dealing with a very professional company. This in turn will, hopefully, make them want to return to your site or make a purchase.

A simple server-side layout makes updating, expanding and general administration of sites easier. Less cluter means less stress making you feel happier. Its this relaxed feeling you want to convey to the user.

All my sites use CSS and are designned to be viewable in both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. I am also capable of creating dynamic ASP.net sites. Due to restrictions based upon me by my hosting service I have to host these pages on a 3rd party site. To view these websites please go here.

Here are a few websites that I have created for people:

This site was created for a local junior football team. The colour scheme reflects their kit. It is also my first major attempt at a fully CSS site.

Created for a friend's cheerleading troupe, it again uses lots of CSS and follows my design ethic. I feel this site is truely indicative of my skills.

Dynamic ASP.net Pages