Random Musings

This random idea was devised during a post-drink tea break in Tom's kitchen. The general premise was something totally different to what actually come out in the end.

  • Flatten New Zealand, grow with grass
  • Sheep on treadmill - upon exhaustion fall into net, onto grass to recover
  • Sheep run on treadmill
  • Treadmill connected to generator ~20,000,000 TW (equvilant to 4 sheep/sec)
  • Recovered sheep to Austrailia for treadmill reload via polystyrene boat
  • Reload via Sheep-A-Pult in Austrialia - parachutes maybe needed?
  • Sheep in Austrialia for holiday and to make more sheep
  • Big "Fuck Off" Raft
  • Automatic Navigation: washes up on beaches
  • Reversable: send back out to sea
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Recycling - polystyrene
  • Economical:
    • Lamb
    • Electricity

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